Insider Tips on Identifying Terrific Early-Stage Founders!?🔍

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Do you know what are the most common traits in extraordinary Founders?


We've got some answers after evaluating 2000+ startups and thousands of Founders (even more, to be honest).


But before we dive right into it, did you know India's App Economy is set to be worth $800 Mn by 2023?! This is the time to hop onto the tech bandwagon.


Here's what's brewing this week -


In the Angel Bytes section we're sharing the INSIDER scoop on identifying the best early-stage Founders.


In the Favcy Spotlight section section we're sending you an exclusive invite to the 2nd batch of the 1stFlight Masterclass Series. We received a terrific response on the the last batch, so we're back with more. [P.S - We've got a 100% discount, just for you!]


And in the Current Open Deals section we've got exciting deals for you to ponder over with your morning cup of coffee.



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