Key Risks to Watch Out for During Due-Diligence⚠️

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It's been a thread-fully happening week, if you know what I'm saying ;)


If you were hoping for a cage match between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, sorry to disappoint you but the only thing you’re getting is a social media war.

But it's safe to say Threads have taken the internet by storm. While we've not hopped onto the bandwagon yet, here's an oldschool thread on what's brewing this week -

In the Angel Bytes section we're sharing the INSIDER scoop on identifying key risks during early-stage due diligence.
And in the Current Open Deals section we've got exciting deals for you to ponder over with your morning cup of coffee.


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Treading on Thin Ice - Key Risks in Early Stage Due Diligence