Read This Before Making Your First Angel Investment

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How's your week going? We've been having a terrific one! Did you know that our 1stFlight Angel Investing Masterclass helped 300+ angels kickstart their angel investing journey.

It's truly heartening. That is why, in this week's edition we've brought for you a comprehensive guide to help you write that 1st cheque, pun intended :)

From deciphering term sheets to spotting the "next big thing," our insights will help navigate you through this world of high-stakes investments.

Here's what's brewing -

In the Favcy Spotlight section, we've got a special invite for our special community to the 1stFlight Angel Investing masterclass.

In the Angel Bytes section we've curated the ultimate checklist for evaluating early stage startups.

In the Current Open Deals section we've got some terrific startups you definitely need to take a look at.


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