The Curious Case of Startup Investing FOMO

Crypto geeks who hopped onto the Bitcoin bandwagon when it was just gaining wings own Bitcoin worth millions today.

Are you also always on top of the hottest investment trends in the ecosystem?

While the habit alone does you a world of good, blindly following investment trends is a tricky business. It can be a major hit or a terrible miss.

So what does one do?

One changes their perspective.

You start looking at the flipside.

Turning FOMO into JOMO

 In our recent Angel Speaks session, seasoned angel Chandrashekar Kupperi shared his take on FOMO investing and it is something every investor should hear!

Hear him talk below -


To sum his up his golden piece of advice -

  • FOMO investing, while profitable sometimes, can be risky for your portfolio
  • Instead, you need to create for yourself "JOMO". The joy of missing out.

What does that mean?

This means that you've got to hone the skill to evaluate deals in such a way, that even though you don't hop onto every new trend, you leave enough room to diversify your portfolio! 

Catch the key takeaway of his entire session on "The Superpower of Portfolio Diversification when Angel Investing" here.