A Renaissance for Angel Investing - Angel Speaks with Milapsinh Jadeja RecapšŸ”‚


"I believe the startup ecosystem is now embracing its own Renaissance - a captivating era of profound transformation. As every sector dances to the rhythm of change, we witness a symphony of rapid evolution and monumental strides, orchestrating a symposium where brilliance triumphs and the mundane dissipates."

  • Milapsinh Jadeja on the Funding Winter


About the Speaker

Milapsinh Jadeja 

Milapsinh Jadeja a serial entrepreneur and sector agnostic Angel Investor having a portfolio of 80+ companies across the globe.

Milapsinh completed his Global Executive MBA in Pharmaceutical management from U.C. - San Diego & Ahmedabad University. He has also done Private Equity Executive Education from London Business School.

Extremely passionate about films and cinema, Milapsinh also founded PayTamasha, which is India’s first fund-raising platform for films and OTT content.

Mr. Jadeja has been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Union IT Minister Shri Rajiv Chandrasekhar ji for his significant contribution in the startup ecosystem of India.

In last week's power-packed Angel Speaks session with Milapsinh Jadeja, we dived into:

⏩ Milapji's Exhilarating Investment Journey in 80+ Startups

⏩Contributing to the ecosystem as an Angel Investor

⏩Dealflow and Deal Evaluation as a Newbie Investor

⏩Managing a Portfolio of 80+ Startups

⏩ The Buzz Around the Funding Winter

⏩ The Timing for Exits as an Investor

And a whole ton of questions from our enthusiastic audience.

Here's a recap👇🏼

Snippets of knowledge from the session:


Introducing Milapsinh Jadeja 


On asking: How did you start your angel investing journey?


When we asked: After your first investment, how did you approach deal evaluation as a newbie? Has the scenario changed since?


On popular demand: How do you manage a portfolio of 80+ startups?


On the current ecosystem scenario: How do you think angel investors can protect themselves? 



Trade secrets:  How does one decide when to exit from a startup investment?


On asking: What do you think about the buzz around the 'funding winter'?



Trade Secrets: How does one handle failure in their investment journey? What has your experience been?



Questions Aspiring Angels Asked



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