Do you like puppet shows?

Dear reader, do you like puppet shows?

While running a startup is nothing close to a puppet show, the Founder does hold strings in their hands that can massively alter the startup's performance if tugged correctly and cleverly.

Through our "Winter is Coming" series, we are sharing notable insights on how Founders and their teams can pull strings and alter operations smartly to make it through the funding winter unscathed.
In the Angel Bytes section, we bring to you the 3rd edition of the “Winter is Coming” series by our Founding Partner, Pranav Chaturvedi, where he explains how operator arbitrage is in the Founder's hands and can help keep investors satisfied.

In this week’s CurrentOpenDeals section we present to you *drumrolls* -LeagueUnoa unique and disruptive platform that combines skilling, learning, and gamification to help job seekers and employers engage, connect and unlock short-term opportunities in the micro-work and gig space.

Lastly, the Future@Favcy section has open positions here at Favcy, in case you’re looking to join our boat!

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The Favcy Family is growing faster than ever. With new investors joining us each day, the Opening Day allocations have started filling up faster. We have been swarmed with requests to increase the allocation pools across our portfolio startups. We hear you.

The 'Current Open Deals' section gives you access to deals that previously weren't available! From allocations in the latest deals to spots carved out just for you in growth-stage startups, all the information you need is here! An exciting investment journey lies ahead.

Do you know that in today’s gig economy, employers and students alike face multiple challenges while engaging, connecting and finding suitable employees or employers?

Students have limited access and cannot discover viable opportunities at an infancy stage in the job market. Employers face the immense struggle of hiring fresh skilled talent who can also become critical drivers for new growth initiatives.

Imagine a platform that can solve some of the biggest issues right now in the education, skilling, and employability space for our country’s future. A platform that showcases and highlights the young talent and their skills.

Enter LeagueUno

LeagueUno (previously called Hieq) is a unique and disruptive platform that combines skilling, learning, and gamification to help job seekers and employers engage, connect and unlock short-term opportunities in the micro-work and gig space. The platform helps companies hire and manage students via Team Captains for tasks, internships and live projects.

They are on a mission to help India’s college students and youth to engage, connect and unlock work in the workforce.

India’s gig economy is expected to grow 10X to a $250 Bn market in the next 8 -10 years! With a unique Distributor-led model, LeagueUno is poised to capture the rapidly growing gig market.

Want to know how LeagueUno is filling a major white space in the market with its unique distribution model? Check out the Investor Dossier!

Stage: Pre - Product
Industry: Gig Economy

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Winter is Coming (#3)

By Pranav Chaturvedi, Founding Partner, Favcy


  • The funding winter has brought in its wake a depressing stock market, delayed IPOs and VC funding that runs out as quickly as daylight in winter.

  • Did you know that giving out early equity is not always bad? It also shows investors that you care!

  • In the 3rd edition of the “Winter is Coming” series, our Founding Partner, Pranav Chaturvedi, explains how operator arbitrage can assist you in keeping investors satisfied during trying times.

Click here to read the Angel Bytes!

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