Earnings & Learnings: The Pros & Cons of Angel Investing

Last week, in our Angel Speaks event, when we asked finance professional and seasoned angel Prakash Chandwani what were the pros and cons of angel investing, he said something that deeply resonated with us.

Can we call it "earnings & learnings instead of "pros and cons"?

His words made the entire audience take a step back and reconsider. Do we invest just for the pros and cons?

To most, angel investing is about ROIs and early exits. But for seasoned angel investors, angel investing becomes an entire journey of learning.

Throughout the entire event, Mr. Chandwani emphasized the importance of honing an "entrepreneurial mindset" when you angel invest.

And we could not agree more!

What makes successful angels truly successful? Is it their massive ROIs?

No, it is their relentless pursuit of the idea they believe in and their dedication towards contributing their utmost to the ecosystem that makes them reach stunning heights.

This brings us to the crux of the matter.

What are the learnings and earnings you can expect to gain from angel investing?

Watch Mr. Chandwani passionately explain the learnings and earnings from angel investing -