How did Favcy's portfolio startups perform in 2022?

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How did Favcy's portfolio startups perform in 2022? 

This edition of INSIDER by Favcy 1stCheque is close to our heart. This week in the Favcy Spotlight section we're sharing a heartfelt note penned by Founding Partner Pranav Chaturvedi  where he shares the success of our portfolios. We thank all our 1stChequers for your unflinching support in this journey🙏🏼.

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Here's what else is brewing-

This week we're introducing a brand new Favcy Spotlight section where you can look forward to catch updates from the Founder's desk and everything else that's brewing at Favcy. This week our Founding Partner talks about how our portfolio startups performed in 2022 and our goals ahead.

In the Portfolio Startup Update section we're talking about PalateMKT's successful 'Partners Meet', marking the launch of their app. 

In the Current Open Deals section, we've brought you a platter full of exciting options. Get the chance to look at all of 1stCheque's Open Deals and take your pick.

Additionally, in the Angel Bytes  section we're dissecting why you need to diverse your portfolio. 

Lastly, in the Future@Favcy section, we've got open positions here at Favcy in case you're looking to join our boat!