Have you played with a barbie?

How many of you remember Barbie? As kids, we all have owned one but now that we think of it. Barbies were mostly about dressing up cute. But it’s 2022! And Barbie is creating female founder dolls for women’s day. This implies a deeper meaning. We’re giving the right role models to kids even as toys for them to wonder, question, and ask about entrepreneurship. This is where we’ll empower the next generation.

While we’ve said this in the past, we’ll say it again - Future Is Female

From the original ‘Slumdog Millionaire' to the female entrepreneurs of today, we bow down for the incredible work and innovation they’ve been and will continue to bring forth in the startup ecosystem.

Thus, on this women’s day, we take this opportunity to honor the stories of the incredible founders building their ventures from the ground up with us in our special Favcy Review section.

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Brewing Up a Revolution - The Female Founders At Favcy

by Ninie Verma, Content Associate, Favcy 1stCheque
  • How many of you know about the first female entrepreneur in India?
  • From the original ‘Slumdog Millionaire' to all the incredible women out there, they're making remarkable strides and clenching all the patriarchal rules.
  • Whilst we know a single day is never enough to pay homage to these incredible women, It serves as a gentle reminder both to rejoice and reminiscence the wins and struggles of today.
  • This week, we at Favcy cherish our empowering founders and bring you the stories of these incredible founders building their ventures from the ground up with us!

Read on to find out!

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