What idea would you pitch on Shark Tank?

Dear Reader, what idea would you pitch on Shark Tank?

Have you ever given it a thought? I've spent hours binge watching the show and I make-up ideas all the time. The most recent one is a clothing chain that offers 20-minute outfit deliveries.

While we're talking of Shark Tank, I do have something exciting to share!

Purva Aggarwal, Founder of GoodGoodPiggy, a Favcy portfolio startup, was mentioned in a dedicated post by Namita Thapar, Executive Director, Emcure Pharmaceuticals and renowned Shark from Shark Tank India!

In a heartfelt post, Namita praises Purva's grit, and dedication behind her venture GGP.


"The solo female Founder who smiled through super tough feedback...... I met her to mentor her and help her with my networks. It's a great venture and I'm happy to invest once she launches the app and has basic revenue and customer insights."
- Namita Thapar in her Instagram post

What's more exciting? Her support and appreciation was so genuine that she not only mentions Purva in her upcoming book but also promises to extend a letter of intent to the venture for the upcoming fundraise. Kudos to Purva and GoodGoodPiggy!🎉

In other news, in this week's CurrentOpenDeals section we have - MercuryEd a phygital platform that enables children to explore interests through premium olympiads, masterclasses, kits, and interactive experiences, positively influencing their future success.

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In the Angel Bytes section we've devised a 6-step checklist to evaluate a startup.

Lastly, in the Future@Favcy section we've got openings here at Favcy in case you're looking to join our boat.

Do share your feedback on this effort. You can mail us at insider@1stcheque.com

Cheers 🍻

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