7 Habits of Highly Effective Angel Investors

Dear Reader, have you wondered what are some habits of highly successful angel investors?

What is the difference between a normal angel investor and one who's managed to gain 10X or 100X returns and scored multiple winning deals in their portfolio?

It's certainly not sheer luck.

In this week's Angel Bytes section we decided to take a page from Stephen Covey's bestseller "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and made an effective list of life-changing habits that can transform the way you gain from your investments. Give it a read.

In other news, we're already 3/4th done with the year 2022. Didn't it go by with lightning speed? What is the current state of the startup ecosystem? And where is it headed? This week's Favcy Review dissects the state of India's startup ecosystem at the end of August.

Lastly, in the Future@Favcy section, we've got open positions here at Favcy in case you are looking to join our boat!